Jeff performing with Shaun Johnson & The BBE on a PBS Nation-wide Television Special

Jeff Uses the Following Equipment:


Bb Trumpet

Adams A4 Trumpet; .470 Bore; 5-5″ Bell Diameter; Brushed Lacquer


For Jazz Work, Jeff uses the Yamaha John Hagstrom Signature Mouthpiece, all mouthpieces are gold plated.For Lead Trumpet work, Jeff uses the Marcinkiewicz E10.3 Bobby Shew 1.25.


Kanstul 1525 Flugelhorn .421″ Bore; 6 1/2″ Copper Bell; Brushed Lacquer

Flugelhorn Mouthpiece

Yamaha 11F4

Wireless Trumpet Mic

Shure SLX

Wireless Vocal Mic

Shure PG58

Studio C Recording Mic


Double Case

Glenn Cronkhite-designed triple bag, from Torpedo Bags of Minneapolis, MN.